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Piaggio Avanti Piaggio AvantiPiaggio Avanti
   Type  Turboprop  Seat config.  7
   Base  SOF   Available  2021
The P180 Avanti is Piaggio Aero’s flagship product. It is the world’s fastest turboprop business aircraft. It offers customers the speed of a light jet aircraft, the comfort of a large, quiet, midsize cabin, and fuel efficiencies that are nearly 40% higher than most business jets and 25% higher than the most efficient twin turboprops.
Speed: 402Kts / 745Km/h / 463 mph
Costs: 33% less
Sound: Tranquil, only 68 decibels

   Type  Boeing Business Jet  Seat config.  Passenger Capacity - 19
   Base  EU / USA   Available  On request
A new heavy luxury jet available 2017 for long term ACMI base. Range - 5,000 NM or 11.5 hours Etops - yes - 180 minutes Private Stateroom - yes with full shower

Falcon 7x Falcon 7x Falcon 7x
   Type  Heavy Luxury Jet  Seat config.  14 passenger floorplan.
   Base  MRS   Available  For SALE
Falcon 7X YOM 2009 will delivery directly from HNWI (private owner). Your Falcon 7x will have 26 Service Centers and over 50 Field Service Representatives worldwide to call on 24/7 - from day one.
The Lowest Direct Operation Costs! On the average business trip - 1000 nm - you can save as much as a ton of fuel.
With safety first - the computers have six layers of backup-and effciency foremost. It's a pilot's dream-with everything from a real-time 3-D moving map to a screen where potential problems appear; with their solutions.
Entry into service in January 2010 Total 1245 hours
EASA / JAR-OPS1 compliant
PRICE: USD42,738,000.00
Category: Heavy
Manufacturer: Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.
MTOW: 69000
Maximum Seating: 15
Maximum Cruise Speed: 515 kts
Maximum Range: 5950 nm
Takeoff: 5505 ft / Landing: 2262 ft Wing Span: 86ft / Height: 76ft 1in / Length: 25ft 8in Forward and aft lavatory;
Forward galley. Forward double club, dining group, 2 three place divans and credenza. Aft cabin divider. Third Cockpit Crew Seat. The seller wants LOI to identify buyer and than will release spec's etc.

MD-83 MD-83MD-83
   Type  VVIP  Seat config.  44 VIP config
   Base  SOUTH EUROPE   Available  VIP Charter Group
Pasenger 44
Crew: 6
Beds YES
Satelite Phone YES
Cruise speed 502.29 kts, 930.24 km/h
Max range 7408 km
Unique in this version, it allows up to 44 passengers to travel in the utmost comfort with a very large quantity of luggage. The aircraft boasts a private bedroom, a reception room, forward and aft saloons, first and business class seating.

Challenger 605 Challenger 605Challenger 605
   Type  Luxury Jet  Seat config.  12
   Base  SOF   Available  Ad-Hoc
Preformance: Max. range: 7,458km
Maximum cruise speed: 870km/h
Pilots 2+1
Maximum payload (D-E) 2,306 kg

A318 Elite A318 EliteA318 Elite
   Type  Heavy Luxury Jet  Seat config.  19 - VIP seats
   Base  ZRH   Available  various slots
Crusing speed 460kts/850km/h
Typical Range 5461km. - 5h50
Baggage space 21,3m3/750ft3
Multi-cannel Satcom and Airshow, Entertainment System (DVD)
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