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Why choose Sofia Jets?

For us Aviation Consultants is essential to find the best possible solution in terms of aircraft size, amenities, service and safety. We can handle the details of trip planning when you don't have the time to do so. We will usually review the operator's flight manifests, mileage en route, anticipated departure and arrival times, and plans for overnight arrangements for aircraft and crew. We expect to represent your interests!

Lowest Price Lowest Price

ACMI rates, typically include:

Aircraft Aircraft (AOC costs, depreciation, administration)
crew Crew (salaries, training, checks)
maintenance Maintenance (reserves, modifications, routine consumables and spare parts)
insurance Insurance (A/C hull and 3rd party liability)

ACMI rates, typically, exclude all direct operating costs, such as:

air navigation fees Air Navigation Fees
costs for airport Costs for Airport & Ground Handling, contract fees with airports & service providers
crew transfers Crew Transfers, positioning, de-positioning
fuel Fuel
per diem for the crew Per diem for the crew
costs for special equipment Costs for special equipment
WRI WRI & Royalties, if any
the costs The costs associated with obtaining required operational permissions
All costs relating to additional crews, if flight schedule/utilization require

This proposal is subject to Contracts & Traffic Rights and does not include Ferry costs to/from Client base or the cost of painting aircraft into Client livery (if required).

Group Charter
Business Aviation
Air Cargo

Advantages of Chartering

Privacy Privacy - The option of travelling with people of your choice, conducting meetings, discussing business strategies, or simply relaxing in a stress-free environment.

Flexibility Flexibility - The ability to create your own timetable and to change it, knowing that the aircraft and crew will work according to the schedule that you yourself set. With aircraft charter, you are the master of the timetable, not its slave.

Point-to-Point Point-to-Point - A "point-to-point" service operating out of smaller airports which are closer to your actual departure and destination points, thus reducing travel time both to and from airports, minimizing any wasted time, and eliminating delays.

Cost-Effectiveness Cost-Effectiveness - With the optimum number of people to match the aircraft's capacity, a private charter can save you money.

Convenience Convenience - No traffic queues, parking delays, crowded check-ins, or terminal chaos.

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