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SOFIA JETS - Who we are?

Sofia Jets was established in 2002, the company is exceptionally dedicated to the aviation business serving wide range of customers for air transport. The activities of the company and the clients we serve are :

air charter flights air charter flights
acquisition or sale of any type of aircraft acquisition or sale of any type of aircraft
aircraft lease aircraft lease
freight and cargo freight and cargo
business luxury trips business luxury trips

We live in the world of globalization where borders are becoming smaller and smaller. People and especially businessmen need charter. Their businesses call for flexibility in order to face dynamism and time saving very characteristic features for daily business and life today.

We believe we can do that!

Because we know what our clients need
Because we know how to meet their needs
Because we have experienced the market



Business charter is one of the newest direction in aviation. At the same time we couldnt say that business charter is a new one because it has sprung up many, many years ago.
Looking back in the past and forward in the future we see the following tendency:

In the past, business aviation has been developing steadily. During the time it has transformed from luxury to a business growth need In the future: business aviation will continue its growth; more and more businessmen will use business charter; nowadays and future trend is businessmen to possess their own aircraft.
We strongly can conclude that business aviation is present and future for both, aviation and business

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Sofia jets
Sofia jets
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